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She’s a survivor with a secret…He’s compelled to protect…Someone is watching her every

Brianne moved to Largo, Maine five years ago to escape her abusive ex-husband. After years of
intense therapy, she’s made a name for herself. There’s just one problem, no one is supposed to

Scott Hayes started Top Grunt Protective Services to honor a man who gave his life to save
Scott. He feels pulled to Brianne on a deep level. When Brianne starts getting mail from a
stalker, her friend enlists Scott’s help.

Secrets are told, and passion explodes, but can Scott protect Brianne? Will these two find love or
will the stalker get what he wants? Who will be standing when it’s all done?


He left the family for better….She just wanted to help….Someone else has plans for her.


Brody Michaels had enough and walked away from his family and money at eighteen to become someone he could be proud of. He made a family with his brothers from his unit, which strengthened after they were discharged. Now he’s being pulled back into the old life he left, set on protecting the one he wants. 


Camila (Cami) Kingsley grew up being seen but not heard. Finally, her father is giving her and her sister the opportunity to be heard and make a difference in the world, until everything goes sideways. 


Now she has men chasing her, a sister possibly in danger, and a bodyguard who makes her body come alive.


Can Brody keep Cami safe and claim her as his, or will someone else claim victory? 


Kindred Spirits…Danger Lurking…Can they survive?


Nathan (Jax) Jackson doesn’t believe in much anymore except his brothers and his job. His past has jaded him, but he takes his job very seriously, that was until a chance hookup plagued his mind. Now, he’s in charge

of keeping her safe, and fighting against his own rules and needs.  


Elena (Lena) Moretti is the granddaughter of an

antique dealer. She was raised to never allow

emotions and feelings to cloud her judgment. She thought she had a handle on that until what was supposed to be a one time moment left her craving more. Now Lena’s life could be in danger after finding

a rare valuable antique.

Lena’s grandfather hires Jax to protect Lena from the underground dealers that are determined to claim her find, at any and all costs.


Can these two fight their attraction while staying alive

or will someone else gain the upper hand? 

Top grunt four.jpg

Final book in the Top Grunt Services Series full of steamy suspenseful romance with a side of serial killer.


Former FBI agent Matthew Thorn is trying to find his way in life after gaining his freedom. He becomes the newest bodyguard at Top Grunt Services.


Alisa Holland is a 9-1-1 operator. She hears people’s worst experiences through the line while trying to keep them calm until help arrives.

After noticing each other at the gym,


Matt and Alisa begin to explore the chemistry between them.


Bodies are turning up, and a woman is missing. Could there be a serial killer in Largo?


Will Matt be able to protect Alisa and claim her heart, or will the killer strike at his?

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