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Detective Derrick Monroe flies home to Hallow Falls, Colorado, to oversee his mother’s arrangements and estate. Fourteen years before, he lost his firefighter father to the job. Upon his return to his hometown, Derrick is plagued with memories. Stopping by the fire department, he sees the beauty from his past.


Charlene ‘Charley’ Fairview has always wanted to be a firefighter since the day she was saved by one, but she never thought it would be so hard gaining acceptance from her male counterparts. Five years, she has felt alone, then Derrick walks back into her life.


Fires are popping up more and more, could Hallow Falls have an arsonist in its small town?


Can Derrick convince Charley he’s all in or will he be too late?


When the flames die down, who will be left standing?

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A forbidden love that will make or break them…


Samantha Holland is stubborn and bullheaded, a true Taurus, through and through.

She’s a firefighter who loves her job, but her father’s legacy was a lot to live up to. So she forged her own path in South Carolina.


Going home to Largo, Maine brings her closer to the man she wants… Her father’s best friend, Connor.


Chief of the fire department, Connor Yates, felt the magnetic pull the moment he saw Sam again. As hard as he tries to fight it, he can’t. But he has to. This is his best-friend’s daughter. So he does the only thing he can… He walks away.


But the pull of the attraction is too much. Neither can forget the other.


Can Connor and Sam find a way to be together or will they allow their fears and stubbornness to keep them apart?

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Mary-Anne Colton is a curvy 9-1-1 operator in Largo, Maine. She knows what she wants and isn’t ashamed. Taking her boss up on a suggestion to vacation in Oregon at the Hillview Resorts, Mary-Anne smacks into the hard chest of a God.


Andre Cutler is a fitness instructor. At Hillview Resorts for a yoga retreat with the rest of his team, he can’t help the instant attraction he feels when a beautiful curvy surprise smacks into him. He finds her again and this time refuses to miss the opportunity to get to know her. 


Spending time together, their feelings begin to grow, but another’s action separates them. 


Can Andre find his curvy surprise and convince her she is the one he wants? 


Can Mary-Anne allow herself to be loved by the gorgeous fitness instructor? 

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Brother’s Best friend….Stalking Ex….Family Secrets


Leia Stone followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a nurse. She has had a crush on her brother’s best friend since she was fifteen and he helped her. She knows he’s off limits, but will she lean on him when she needs help dealing with her ex and the dreams that seem to plague her?


Noah Ashton has always wanted to become a cop. He’s felt the need to protect and serve all his life, but only one has brought that need out more. From the moment he scooped Leia up in the Haunted House when she was fifteen to protecting her from the shadows as her ex stalks her. He does what he can until he can no longer stay hidden.


Can Noah and Leia survive what her ex throws at them?

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