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Men of Special Ops Forces Series

Stroke of Midnight:

Explicit Sex, Kidnapping, Stalking

Driving Home for Christmas:

Explicit Sex, harassment  (by ex)

His Christmas Baby:

Explicit Sex, One night Stand, Secret baby, unexpected pregnancy

Heroes of Maine Series

Defending Charley: 

Suspense, Attempted murder, Explicit Sex

Saving Sam: 

 Explicit Sex, Age Gap, Daddy Kink, Attempted Murder

His Curvy Surprise

 Explicit Sex, Surprise Pregnancy

A Soldier's Secret Romance:

Explicit Sex

Saved by the Major:

Loss of spouse and baby, Kidnapping, Violence and Torture on the female lead, violence against the soldiers, explicit sex

Protecting Leia

Brother's Best friend, Stalking Ex, Explicit Sex, Violence against a female, talk about DV

Healing the Quarterback

Enemy to Lovers, Explicit sex

Claiming Homebase: 

Stalker, One night stand, Explicit Sex

Finding Ireland: 

Marriage, Divorce, Secret Baby, Explicit Sex

Saving St. Nicolas

Best Friends brother, Explicit sex, spanking

The General's Secret: 

Escort, Attempted Sexual Assault, Explicit consenual sex, Age Gap

Top Grunt Services Series

Protected by the Bodyguard:

Explicit Sex, Domestic Violence, forced miscarriage, sexual assault (by ex), Kidnapping, Stalking

Behavorial Unit Maine Series

Run to Murder

Rape, Sodomy, Murder, Attempted Sexual Assault, Serial Killer POV, Physical Assault, Kidnapping, body mutilation (one area), Explicit consensual sex

Falling for the Bodyguard:

Explicit Sex, Sexual Assault without penetration in Chapter Eleven, Kidnapping

Loving the Bodyguard:

Explicit Sex, Suspense, attempted murder

Shielded by the Bodyguard:

Explicit Sex, Suspense, Stalker, Murder, Serial Killer POV
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