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Men of Special Ops Forces Series

Stroke of Midnight:

Explicit Sex, Kidnapping, Stalking

Top Grunt Services Series

Protected by the Bodyguard:

Explicit Sex, Domestic Violence, forced miscarriage, sexual assault (by ex), Kidnapping, Stalking

Driving Home for Christmas:

Explicit Sex, harassment  (by ex)

Falling for the Bodyguard:

Explicit Sex, Sexual Assault without penetration in Chapter Eleven, Kidnapping

His Christmas Baby:

Explicit Sex, One night Stand, Secret baby, unexpected pregnancy

Loving the Bodyguard:

Explicit Sex, Suspense

A Soldier's Secret Romance:

Explicit Sex

Shielded by the Bodyguard:

Explicit Sex, Suspense, Stalker, Murder, Serial Killer

Saved by the Major:

Loss of spouse and baby, Kidnapping, Violence and Torture on the female lead, violence against the soldiers, explicit sex

Claiming Homebase: 

Stalker, One night stand, Explicit Sex

Heroes of Maine Series

Defending Charley: 

Suspense, Attempted murder, Explicit Sex

Saving Sam: 

 Explicit Sex, Age Gap, Daddy Kink, Attempted Murder
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