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Stroke of Midnight - Bella Lane.jpg

One night was never enough... He's back now and wants everything from me.

Roman Valentini grew up in Cedar, Maine. Upon graduating high school, he enlisted in the Army before joining the Special Operations Forces. Home on leave, he attends the Ratcliff’s annual Halloween party, where he sees the beautiful Jessica Callahan. After a night full of passion, he gets called away for a mission.

Five years later, Roman is back in Cedar, Maine to become the new Chief of Police and hopes to win Jessi’s heart back.

Jessica (Jessi) Callahan has always had a crush on Roman and when she sees him at the annual Halloween party, she can’t help but to give herself to him.

When she wakes to find him gone and no communication, she’s heartbroken.

Now five years later, Roman is back and she has a stalker.

Can she learn to trust Roman again with not just her heart, but her life?

Can Roman earn Jessi’s trust, love and keep her safe from someone who has plans of their own?

When the clock strikes midnight, who will prevail?

Saved by the Major Cover.jpg

Two Worlds Collide in this Steamy, Age Gap, Second Chance Military Romance Novella

Amanda Kingsley is the youngest daughter of a ruthless billionaire, who has only ever seen his daughters as weak. She became a doctor at an early age and only wants to take care of those who aren’t able to get the help needed. She travels the world, trying to save those in need most, but to also prove she is not weak. Her strength will be tested when she is taken, but when help arrives, can the man with intense eyes really save her?


Noah Cartwright is no stranger to pain. He’s a soldier, and a leader, who’s loved and lost more than anyone knows. He’s closed himself off, focusing more on his career and missions as a shell of a man he once was, that is until he is sent out on a mission to find a young doctor somewhere in Syria. Having to watch the pain forced in front of him, cracks something inside, but when the mission is complete, can he forget?


A year later, Amanda has endured too much and allowed fear to take over, but can Noah bring her back to the living, while also opening up his own heart? Will they allow past pain and fear to hold them back, or will they take the leap and allow their hearts to lead?  

Driving Home for Christmas Bella Lane Cover.jpg

She’s running…He wants her…Will being stranded bring them together?


Sarah Williams made a mistake in who she trusted and now he’s tormenting her with phone calls.


She’s running and using work as the reason to protect her friend.


Nicholas Gamble is Ex-Special Ops Forces. He misses his team and the camaraderie that he and his team had.


His family has pulled him into their business but it’s not what he wants, then he sees her.


When Sarah is asked to give a ride home to Roman’s friend, she never imagined it would be Nicolas Gamble, the man who looks like a God.


Along the way, the phone rings and they get stranded in a small town in Vermont.


Nicolas wants Sarah, but Sarah is afraid to trust. Can he convince her he’s in it for life?

Christmas baby.jpg

A Broken Heart…A Best man…A Baby


Shawna Jamison has always done what she wanted and never cared what anyone, including her mother, thought about her life choices. 


Her sister’s wedding should have been a joyous occasion, but for Shawna it turns out to be anything but, until he intervenes.

Jonathan Moore is Special Ops Forces, home on leave for his brother’s wedding.


He’s instantly pulled to the blond beauty with the haunted eyes and fake smile.


When he sees her doing shots, he never expected when he intervened for it to take a passionate turn.

In the morning the beauty is gone and all that’s left is a note. No names were exchanged, but neither one expected the lasting consequence of their night.



Love is in the air this holiday season as Jonathan has his hands full…with his Christmas Baby


Second Chance Suspense Military Romance

 Justin ‘Gray’ Grayson, finds out his father is in hospital having suffered another stroke while he’s on leave.


His best friend is at his side, helping him to deal with the deteriorating health of his father.


Justin has always loved Liv from afar, never wanting to ruin the friendship they have, but emotions boil over and passion ignites. 


Justin finds himself reeling from what happened and flees, returning back to his career.


Livia “Liv’ Carson has always been in love with Justin since childhood. When he needs her the most she is there. One spontaneous and glorious moment leads her to finally be able to give him all of her, just to have it end in heartache.


A year later, Justin comes home to not only help his mom, but to claim the woman he has always loved. It won’t be easy, since Liv has trouble stalking her.


Will Liv be able to forgive? Will Justin be able to claim his home or will someone else take it from him? 

Bella 2nd Chance.jpg

Second Chance Secret Baby Military Romance

Broken hearts… Oceans apart… Can there be a Second Chance?

Liam Boyle has always loved his wife, Ireland, since the day he met her. His love for his country is just as strong, and when he makes a choice, it will cost him everything. 


Ireland Caragh Boyle has loved Liam through separation and tried to be the best wife to her soldier, but when Liam makes a decision without her, she refuses to wait anymore.


Three years later, Liam is in search of his wife, but is Ireland ready to be found?


Will Liam be able to convince her to give their family a second chance? 

valentine's Bella Cover.jpg

Jaded hearts….Dating Site…..Can love be obtained?

Ryan Finnegan is a soldier who was betrayed by those he loved the most. Three years later, his mom intervenes, signing him up on a dating site. Against his better judgment, he goes along with it.


Elouise (Ellie) Matthews is a publicist to bestselling authors. She has tried the dating scene with no luck, so she’s buried herself in her work. Her mom tells her about a new dating site, sending her the link. Ellie signs up, knowing it’s the only way to appease her mother.


When Ryan and Ellie are matched, Ryan sets boundaries of being pen pals and Ellie agrees. Things seemed to be going well, until Ryan asks Ellie to meet him on Valentine's day in person.


Can these two allow their hearts to find love or will Ryan’s career be the catalyst that breaks hearts? 

The General's Secret cover.png

Age Gap Military Romance

Can you fall for the forbidden?


Connor McLaughlin is a distinguished Major General and a Commander for the Special Operations Forces. His long career and duty to his country has left him divorced and jaded about relationships. When he’s forced to attend an event with a plus one, he secretly hires one.


Destiny McNamara is putting herself through college by attending high profile events as a plus one. She’s always kept things strictly business, that is until she met Connor. Though the attraction was instant, she has maintained her professionalism. 


For three years she accepts his calls, even after she leaves the business. Enjoying his company and wishing for more, all the while dealing with an unsavory foe.


Connor begins to fall for the young blond beauty, and though he’s spent three years introducing her as a family friend, he can’t forget she is a hired professional. 


Will things change once he learns the truth? Can Connor protect her from a nemesis? Will Destiny be able to convince Connor love knows no number?

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