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Maine has a Behavioral Unit, but will they be able to catch the Serial Killer?

Special Agent Eric Chandler, a seasoned member of the FBI's Behavioral Unit relocated his team to the city of Largo, Maine to help catch the serial killers that are operating around the State.


Dr. Michelle 'Shelly' Farrell is the State of Maine Medical Examiner. She's the voice for the victims who no longer have one. 


When bodies of women start turning up dead, Dr. Farrell knows there's a serial killer running loose in the State of Maine. She turns to the ones she trusts most for help getting justice.


As the clock ticks, Eric and the team have a challenge ahead of them, finding the serial killer before he takes another victim. 


Behind the façade of professionalism displayed in front of the team, Michelle and Eric have a romantic relationship. Will these two continue to keep their feelings secret or will they finally come clean to the team?


When the Serial Killer strikes again, this time it’s with one of their own. Will Eric and the team be in time to save their own and catch the killer? 

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